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We Are A Quality Laundry Provider In Bangalore

Max Clean Laundry is a premium laundry services company based in Bangalore. We are backed by a team that has more than two decades of experience, we can understand your needs and demand more than anyone in this field. We have two Industrial Plants- one in Doddballapur and one in Hegdenagar. Our two plants are fully equipped with the most modern machinery, backed by a fully trained team who are committed to handling your laundry with utmost care. The plants are spread across 20,000 sq feet and are equipped to handle 35,000 pieces of laundry every day. We also have 6 Dry Clean Showrooms spread across Bangalore. Experience and expertise make Max Clean a leader in the industry. So leave your worries to us along with your laundry and we will ensure that your trust in us is never broken.

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